5-2 Lutheranism in America (PDF)

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5-2 Lutheranism in America (PDF)


Eastertide 1996: Volume 5, Number 2


The Church-State Relationship and Augustana XVI in the Writings of C. F. W. Walther and S. S. Schmucker
James D. Heiser

Liturgical Uniformity in Missouri
Michael Henrichs

Grabau and Walther: Theocentric versus Anthropocentric Understanding of Church and Ministry
Lowell C. Green

The ELCA: Its Past, Present, and Future
David A. Gustafson

J. A. O. Preus
Leigh Jordahl

Conversation between Two Lutherans Concerning Church Organization
Herman Fick

The Strict Lutherans
W. J. Mann

Ephesians 4:11-12 Reconsidered
Philip J. Secker


REVIEW ESSAY: Doing Well and Doing Good
By Richard John Neuhaus

Biblical Interpretation: The Only Right Way
By David Kuske

The Gnostic Empire Strikes Back
By Peter Jones

Gnosticism and the New Testament
By Pheme Perkins

The Land and the Book: An Introduction to the World of the Bible
By Charles R. Page II and Carl A. Volz

Union with Christ: John Calvin and the Mysticism of St. Bernard
By Dennis Tamburello

God and Caesar Revisited
Edited by John R. Stephenson

Augustine Today
Edited by Richard John Neuhaus


  • The Laymen's Movement
  • The Wittenberg Society
  • Pieper on Holy Communion
  • Real Presence in the Liturgy
  • Neo-Baalism
  • The Real Wiseacres
  • The Gospel Isn't Fair
  • A Synod Worthy of the Name
  • Reading Mania
  • On the Public Reading of Scriptures
  • You May Be a Meta-Growther If . . .
  • The Crucified One Has Risen Indeed
  • O Lord, Help My Unbelief
  • Building Marriage and Home
  • Did You Get Your Convert Last Year?
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