5-3 In Memoriam: Robert D. Preus (PDF)

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LOGIA 5-3.jpg

5-3 In Memoriam: Robert D. Preus (PDF)


Holy Trinity 1996: Volume 5, Number 3


A Sermon on Revelation 7:13-17
Dr. Robert D. Preus

In Memoriam: Robert David Preus
David P. Scaer

Commemoration Sermon for Dr. Robert D. Preus
David P. Scaer

Robert David Preus: In Memoriam
Wilhelm W. Petersen

Robert Preus, Historian of Theology
John Stephenson

The "Realist Principle" of Theology
Kurt Marquart

Solus Christus
Daniel Preus

Luther Battles the Fanatics
Arnold J. Koelpin

Selective Fellowship
Hermann Sasse

The Other Story of Lutherans at Worship?
Rick Stuckwicsh

The Church in AC VII: An Exegetical Overview
Randy Asburry


William P. Grunow: Response to "Communion in Holy Things . . ."

Alan Ludwig: Author's response


REVIEW ESSAY: Testing the Boundaries: Windows to Lutheran Identity
By Charles P. Arand

Lutheranism and Pietism: Essays and Reports 1990, Lutheran Historical Conference. Vol. 14
Edited by Aug. R. Suelflow

The Other Story of Lutherans at Worship: Reclaiming Our Heritage of Diversity
By David S. Luecke

The Word Goes On: Sermons by Dr. Siegbert W. Becker
Compiled by James P. Becker

Studies in the Augsburg Confession
By John Meyer

Galatians: A Continental Commentary
By Dieter Luehrmann

Christian Existence Today: Essays on Church, World, and Living in Between
By Stanley Hauerwas


  • The Ministry in Genesis 
  • Protestant Sacerdotalism
  • Confess Christ or Celebrate Schweitzer?
  • A Sure Word
  • Not By Morals
  • Battle for the Gospel
  • The Power of the Keys
  • Silent Women
  • Who for Us Men
  • On Being Put
  • Timely Communion Practice
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