5-4 Theology of the Cross & Justification (PDF)

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5-4 Theology of the Cross & Justification (PDF)


Reformation 1996: Volume 5, Number 4


The Two-Faced God
Steven A. Hein

Luther's Augustinian Understanding of Justification in the Lectures on Romans
David Maxwell

The Doctrine of Justification and Its Implications for Evangelicalism
Scott R. Murray

Divine Service: Delivering Forgiveness of Sins
Jon D. Vieker

Reflections on Lutheran Worship, Classics, and the Te Deum
Carl P. E. Springer

Patrick Hamilton (1503-1528): A Scottish Reformer with a Timeless Confession
Bruce W. Adams


REVIEW ESSAY: What Is Liturgical Theology? A Study in Methodology
By David W. Fagerberg

Worship in Transition: The Liturgical Movement in the Twentieth Century
By John Fenwick and Bryan Spinks

Remembering the Christian Past
By Robert L. Wilken

Proper Confidence: Faith, Doubt, and Certainty in Christian Discipleship
By Leslie Newbigin

Transforming Congregations for the Future
By Loren B. Mead

Notes from a Wayfarer: The Autobiography of Helmut Thielicke
Translated by David R. Law

PREVIEW: Actio Sacramentalis-Die Verwaltung des Heiligen Abendmahles nach den Prinzipien Martin Luthers in der Zeit bis zur Konkordienformel. Luth. Verlagsbuchhandlung Gro_ Oesingen, 1996


  • The Idolatrous Religion of Conscience 
  • The Infusion of Love
  • The Cross and the Christian Life
  • The Ship of Fools
  • Chapters Into Verse
  • Me Gavte La Nata
  • Utilitarian Schools, Utilitarian Churches
  • The Last Word on Church and Ministry?
  • Objective JustificationAgain
  • Praesidium Statement on Closed Communion
  • Is Martens Justified?
  • From Arrowhead to Augsburg
  • Worship at Luther Campus
  • Crazy Talk, Stupid Talk
  • Upper Story Landing
  • Didache Today
  • Clergy Killers
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