6-1 After Five Years (PDF)

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LOGIA 6-1.jpg

6-1 After Five Years (PDF)


Epiphany 1997: Volume 6, Number 1


On the Cross and in the Cradle: The Mystical Theology of Martin Luther
Paul Lehninger

Lived Faith: Theology and Ethics in the Sermon on the Mount
Ron Jones

Sanctification: The Powerful Pardon
Steven Hein

Robert Bellarmin and Martin Chemnitz: On the Antiquity of the Roman Canon
Jon D. Vieker

"It's Jesus!" The Minister as the Embodiment of Christ
Douglas D. Fusselman

The New White-Wine Pietists
Craig Parton



What Does This Mean? Principles of Biblical Interpretations in the Post-Modern World
By James W. Voelz

The Book of Acts in Its First Century Setting. Volume 1: Ancient Literary Setting
Edited by Bruce Winter and Andrew Clarke

Augustine and the Catechumenate
By William Harmless

By John T. Pless

Fortunate the Eyes that See: Essays in Honor of David Noel Freedman in Celebration of His Seventieth Birthday
Edited by A. B. Beck et al

The End of the World: A Theological Interpretation
By Ulrich H. J. Koertner

Church-Mission-Ministry: The Family of God
By Armin W. Schuetze

Essays in Theology of Culture
By Robert W. Jenson


  • A Time of One-Sidedness
  • First Things or "Last Things"?
  • Communion for Dogs
  • Pragmatic Theology
  • The Advantages of Liturgical Ruts
  • Pastoral Care under the Cross
  • Daniel at the University of Babylon
  • The Problem of Forgiveness
  • Corpus Delicti
  • Lutherische Beitrage
  • Canaanite Style and Israelite Substance
  • The Madman
  • The Church Porch
  • The Web and Learning Points
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