6-2 Marriage & Sexuality (PDF)

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6-2 Marriage & Sexuality (PDF)


Eastertide 1997: Volume 6, Number 2


The Venture of Marriage
Gilbert Meilaender

Toward a Confessional Practice of Pre-Marriage Pastoral Care
William E. Thompson

Marriage as Holy Ground
Scott Bruzek

A Case for Chastity
John W. Kleinig

In Search of Adequate Wedding Vows
Allen C. Hoger


WALTHER AND GRABAU REVISITED: Kurt Marquart Responds to Lowell Green

Response to Kurt Marquart by Lowell C. Green 

Sermon by Dr. Martin Luther on Easter Tuesday, March 30, 1529: John 20:19?20. Translated by Charles R. Schulz (excerpt)


REVIEW ESSAY: Die Erlanger Theologie (no. 67 in Einzelarbeiten aus der Kirchengeschichte Bayerns)
By Karlmann Beyschlag

Scripture and the Church: Selected Essays of Hermann Sasse
Edited by Jeffrey J. Kloha and Ronald R. Feuerhahn

Matthew. The People's Bible Series
By G. J. Albrecht and M. J. Albrecht

The Schmalkald Articles: Luther's Theological Testament
By William R. Russell

Readings in Christian Ethics
Edited by J. Phillip Wogaman and Douglas M. Strong


  • An Arbitrary Picture of Pharisaism
  • Big Words for Little Children
  • Face the Musak
  • Catechesis, Confirmation, and Closed Communion
  • Divine Service, Holy Mission
  • Russian Book of Concord Released
  • Ordaining a Lay Minister
  • James and John
  • Making Repentance Fun
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