6-3 Office & Offices (PDF)

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6-3 Office & Offices (PDF)


Holy Trinity 1997: Volume 6, Number 3


Office and Offices: Some Basic Lutheran Philology
Mark Nispel

The Ministry and the Schoolmaster: The Relation and Distinction between the Offices of Pastor and Teacher in the Missouri Synod
Daniel S. Johnson

The Diaconate: A Misunderstood Office
Michelle Gallmeier

Externum Verbum: Testing Augustana V on the Doctrine of the Holy Ministry
Norman Nagel

On the Public Reading of the Scriptures
Leslie Lanier

Does a Congregation Ordinarily Have the Right Temporarily to Commit an Essential Part of the Holy Preaching Office to a Layman?
E. W. Kahler, Translated by Mark Nispel



REVIEW ESSAY: Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary
The Evangelical Lutheran Synod

The Royal Priesthood: Essays Ecclesiological and Ecumenical
By John Howard Yoder

The Christological Character of the Office of the Ministry and the Royal Priesthood
By Jobst Schone

What Does This Mean? Catechesis in the Lutheran Congregation
By Alvin L. Barry

Honest to Jesus: Jesus for a New Millennium
By Robert W. Funk

The Empty Church: The Suicide of Liberal Christianity
By Thomas C. Reeves


  • The Problem With Problem-Solving
  • Iconophiles and Iconoclasts
  • Biblioholism: Weakness or Disease
  • The Divine Service as Self-Denial
  • Arguing With Gorgias
  • Order Promoting Tranquillity
  • Some Observations on Creative Worship
  • The Lost Tools of Learning
  • Eating Cake or Having It
  • Whither Concordia?
  • ELCA and Communion with the Reformed
  • The Judgment of Thamus
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