6-4 Melanchthon (PDF)

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6-4 Melanchthon (PDF)


Reformation 1997: Volume 6, Number 4


Philippism-Melanchthon and the Consequences: An Observation in the "Year of Melanchthon"
Jurgen Diestelmann

Melanchthon and His Influence on the Lutheran Church
Jobst Schoene

The Role of Philosophy in the Theology of Philipp Melanchthon: Is There a Need for Reappraisal?
James Heiser

Melanchthon's Scottish Friend: Alexander Alane (1500-1565)
Bruce W. Adams

Formula of Concord X : A Revised, Enlarged, and Slightly Amended Edition
David P. Scaer

Bishops for the Church: Apostolic Origins and Lutheran Affirmation
Allen C. Hoger


REVIEW ESSAY: Cosmos in the Chaos: Philip Schaff's Interpretation of Nineteenth-Century American Religion
By Stephen R. Graham

Annotations on First Corinthians
By Philipp Melanchthon. Introduced, translated, and edited by John Patrick Donnelly, S.J.

Heaven on Earth: A Lutheran-Orthodox Odyssey
By Robert Tobias

The Diary of a Missionary
By Ernst H. Wendland

Sharpening the Sword
By Stephen D. Hower

The Menace of Multiculturalism: Trojan Horse in America
By Alvin J. Schmidt

Exploring the Gospel of John: In Honor of D. Moody Smith
Edited by R. Alan Culpepper and C. Clifton Black

Bible in the Pulpit
By Pastor William P. Grunow

Evolution is Not Scientific: Thirty-Two Reasons Why
By Albert Sippert


  • Twentieth-Century Indulgences
  • Ecumenical Council for Practical Christianity
  • The New Segregation
  • Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education
  • Theology, Psychology, and Philosophy
  • He Gave Gifts to Men
  • Dreaming of the Middle Ages
  • Men without Chests
  • Ontotheology and the Theology of the Cross
  • W.W.J.D.
  • Preaching Sanctification
  • The Return of the Moderates
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