8-1 Potpourri (PDF)

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LOGIA 8-1.jpg

8-1 Potpourri (PDF)


Epiphany 1999: Volume 8, Number 1


Preparing for the Future (Without Succumbing to a Theology of Glory)
David R. Liefeld

Gambling: Scriptural Principles
Glen Zweck

Melanchthon's Use of Augustine in Apology Article IV
Albert B. Collver III

Theological Literacy and Lutheran Education
Erik Peder Ankerberg

A Lutheran Goes to Rome
John Nordling


Rolf Preus: A Response to Jonathan Lange

Response by Jonathan Lange


REVIEW ESSAY: Herman Sasse: A Man for Our Times?
Edited by John R. Stephenson and Thomas W. Winger

Renaissance and Reformation
By Eric Voegelin. Edited by David L. Morse and William M. Thompson

After Our Likeness: The Church as the Image of the Trinity
By Miroslav Volf

Come to the Feast: The Original and Translated Hymns of Martin H. Franzmann
Edited by Robin A. Leaver

Make Disciples, Baptizing: God's Gift of New Life and Christian Witness
By Robert Kolb

How the Bible Came to Be
By John Barton

Postmodernizing the Faith
By Millard J. Erickson

Perpetua's Passion: The Death and Memory of a Young Roman Woman
By Joyce E. Salisbury


  • The Lutheran Church's Mission
  • Is Nothing Sacred?
  • Too Roman Catholic
  • Drill and Kill?
  • Evil Pietism
  • Catechesis: Study or Prayer?
  • Using the Liturgy
  • The Twisted Cross
  • Adjusted Gospel, Adjusted Christ
  • Luther on Genesis 3:12
  • From Reality to an Idea
  • Unworthy to the Altar
  • Small Errors
  • Missouri: Not Just a State
  • What the African Bishops Can Teach Bishop Spong
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