8-2 Confessional Subscription & Doctrinal Statements (PDF)

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LOGIA 8-2.jpg

8-2 Confessional Subscription & Doctrinal Statements (PDF)


Eastertide 1999: Volume 8, Number 2


Quatenus or Quia? An Interchange on the Nature of Confessional Subscription
Pfarrer Hoppl & Hermann Sasse

The Distinctive Spirituality of the Evangelical Lutheran Church
David P. Scaer

The Impact of the German Apology
Fritz Schmitt

The Confessional Principle: Church Fellowship in the Ancient and in the Lutheran Church
Tom G. A. Hardt

The Worthy Communicant in SD VII
Charles R. Schulz


REVIEW ESSAY: Hymnal Supplement 98: A Symposium

Reformed Confessions: Theology from Zurich to Barmen
By Jan Rohl. Translated by John Hoffmeyer

A Different Death
By Edward J. Larson & Darrel W. Amundsen

Predestination: Chosen in Christ
By John A. Moldstad Jr.

Where Earth Meets Heaven
By John G. Strelan

Reinventing American Protestantism: Christianity in the New Millennium
By Donald E. Miller


  • TLH and Y2K
  • Why Call Anything Sin?
  • Be Not Discouraged
  • Stand and Deliver
  • Classical Lutheran Education Seminar
  • Academy of Apologetics
  • Few Are Chosen
  • The Sunday School Movement in America
  • Public Absolution for Public Sins
  • Communion Closed and Full
  • A Comment on Translations
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