9-2 Baptism & Una Sancta (PDF)

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9-2 Baptism & Una Sancta (PDF)


Eastertide 2000: Volume 9, Number 2


The Sacrament of Baptism
Hermann Sasse

Hidden in Christ: A Baptismal Perception of the Imperceptible
Troy Dahlke

Ministry to the Baptized
George Wollenburg

"Fragments and Crumbs" for the Preachers: Luther's House Postils
Paul T. McCain

Luther's Large Catechism: An Encouragement for Faith and Life
Daniel M. Deutschlander

Luther's "Catholic Minimum"
Oliver Olson


REVIEW ESSAY: The Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture
Thomas C. Oden, general editor. Review by Paul McCain

Mysteria Dei: Essays in Honor of Kurt Marquart
Edited by Paul T. McCain and John R. Stephenson. Review by Roger James

A History of Japanese Theology
Edited and translated by Yasuo Furuya

The Book of Revelation (Revised Edition). The New International Commentary on the New Testament
By Robert H. Mounce

The Theology of Paul the Apostle
By James D. G. Dunn

Joseph: Eleven Bible Studies on Genesis
By Claus Westermann. Translated by Omar Kaste


  • Baptism and Archaeology
  • A Dialogue on Baptism
  • Differentiating Calvin and Zwingli
  • Robert Preus Remembered
  • On the Augsburg Accord
  • Easter Breakfasts
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