9-3 Bach the Theologian (PDF)

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9-3 Bach the Theologian (PDF)


Holy Trinity 2000: Volume 9, Number 3


Bach, Chronicles, and Church Music
John W. Kleinig

The Sacrament of the Altar and Its Relationship to Justification
Scott R. Murray

Luther's Theology of the Cross in Preaching and as Spiritual Warfare
Perry Toso

Lutheran-Reformed Altar Fellowship and Augustana X
Albert J. Collver

The Discipline of Church Law and the Doctrine of Church and Ministry
Lowell C. Green

Rast, Vehse, and Walther
David P. Scaer


REVIEW ESSAY: Through the Church the Song Goes On: Preparing a Lutheran Hymnal for the Twenty-first Century
Edited by Paul Grime, D. Richard Stuckwisch, and Jon D. Vieker. Review by John A. Frahm III 

Humanism: The Wreck of Western Culture
By John Carroll. Review by Bruce Wilmot Adarns

Ancient-Future Faith: Rethinking Evangelicalism for a Postmodern World
By Robert E. Webber. Review by Todd A. Peperkorn

The Doctrine of Faith unto Salvation: Based on Saint Paul's Letter to the Ephesians
By Fredrik Gabriel Hedberg. Translated by Rev. Erick E. Erickson. Review by Ralph Rokke

Who Do You Say That I Am? Christology and the Church
Edited by Donald Armstrong. Review by Paul L. Maier

The Journey from Texts to Translations: The Origin and Development of the Bible
By Paul D. Wegner. Review by John D. Moe


  • Bach Evangelism
  • Luther's Chorale Settings on CD
  • Bach's Liturgical Piety; Hymns and Hocus-Pocus
  • Oedipus for Lutherans
  • The Cipher of His Name
  • Careless Baptism
  • Praise Songs and the Te Deum
  • Protestantizing the Liturgy
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