9-4 Wittenberg and/or Constantinople (PDF)

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LOGIA 9-4.jpg

9-4 Wittenberg and/or Constantinople (PDF)


Reformation 2000: Volume 9, Number 4


Abraham Calov on Eastern Orthodoxy
Matthew Harrison

Justification and Deification in the Dialogue between the Tubingen Theologians and Patriarch Jeremias II
Richard Stuckwisch

Luther and Cajetan on the Sacrifice of the Mass
Michael J. Tori

Killing to Make Alive Again: Cruciform Proclamation in the Writings of Gerhard O. Forde
David R. Liefeld

Was Bo Giertz a Pietist?: Bishop Giertz and the Order of Grace
Eric R. Andrae


REVIEW ESSAY: Ordnungen der Allmacht. Paul Althaus der Jungere uber die Ordnungen
By Walther Mann. Review by Lowell Green

By Hans Schwarz. Review by Paul Strawn

The Paul Quest
By Ben Witherington III. Review by Paul L. Maier

The Wauwatosa Theology
Edited by Curtis Jahn. Review by Mark F. Bartling

JesusThe Miracle Worker
By Graham H. Twelftree. Review by Paul L. Maier

The Design of God's Love: Overcoming Violence in Our Lives
Edited by Jeanie W. Reese. Review by Daryl Gehlbach


  • First Contact
  • Institutionalized Pursuits
  • Reformation Parenting
  • When Orthodox Isn't Orthodox
  • Four Chief Paradigms
  • The Sign of the Cross
  • Marking the Distinction
  • Welcome Words
  • On Infant Communion
  • Luther and Aesop
  • He Remains Faithful
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