27-1 LOGIA After 25 Years

27-1 cover.jpg
27-1 cover.jpg

27-1 LOGIA After 25 Years


Epiphany 2018: Volume 27, Number 1

Editor's Introduction
Dennis Marzolf


LOGIA after Twenty-Five Years
Erling T. Teigen

Twenty-Five Titles in Twenty-Five Years
John T. Pless

The Flow of Life and Its Disruption
John W. Kleinig

Wilhelm Lohe's Dinah: Against Youthful Lusts
Brandon W. Koble

Martin Luther and Idolatry
John A. Maxfield

With United Heart and Voice: The Confessional Inheritance of the Lutheran Chorale in America
Elisabeth Urtel


Spiritual Fathers: A Treatise on the Lutheran Doctrine of the Ministry, with Special Reference to Luther’s Large Catechism
By David Jay Webber. Review by Brian S. Saunders

An American Conscience: The Reinhold Niebuhr Story
By Stephen Pietsch. Review by Bror Erickson

Paul the Martyr: The Cult of the Apostle in the Latin West
By David L. Eastman. Review by John G. Nordling

Reformation 500: The Enduring Relevance of the Lutheran Reformation
Edited by Curtis A. Jahn. Review by Mark A. Loest

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Martin Luther
Edited by Derek R. Nelson and Paul R. Hinlicky. Review by John T. Pless

Pauline Hermeneutics: Exploring the “Power of the Gospel"
Edited by Kenneth Mtata and Eve-Marie Becker. Review by Jack Kilcrease


  • Nostra res agitur
  • Three Circles
  • Using Two Kinds of Righteousness Properly
  • Botox in a Tree: The First Worship Service
  • Christ’s Authority on Earth to Forgive Sins
  • The Notion of “Church Family”
  • The Leadership of a Shepherd or The Imitation by the Sheep
  • The Locatedness of God
  • Luther’s Understanding of Freedom in Brief
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