The cover, contents, a feature article and/or full pdfs of jounals (those at least two years or older) are available to view or download here for free.

Year Title
(Cover & Contents in pdf)
1992 LOGIA: A Journal of Lutheran Theology CD Journal (pdf)
1993 The Holy Ministry CD
The Divine Service CD
Evangelism and the Gospel CD
Scripture & Authority in the Church CD | Hard Copy
1994 Piety & Pastoral Care CD | Hard Copy
Hymnody & Confession of the Faith CD | Hard Copy
Potpourri CD | Hard Copy
Preaching & Catechesis CD
1995 The Lord's Supper CD | PDF
Hermeneutics CD
Potpourri CD | Hard Copy
Hermann Sasse Anniversary CD | Hard Copy
1996 Communio in Sacris CD | Hard Copy
Lutheranism in America CD | Hard Copy
In Memoriam: Robert D. Preus CD | Hard Copy
Theology of the Cross & Justification CD | Hard Copy
1997 After Five Years . . . CD | Hard Copy Journal (pdf)
Marriage & Sexuality CD | Hard Copy
Office & Offices CD | Hard Copy
Melanchthon CD | Hard Copy
1998 Luther & the Fathers CD | Hard Copy
Liturgy as Pastoral Care CD | Hard Copy
Lutheran Missions CD | Hard Copy
Bondage of the Will CD | Hard Copy
1999 Potpourri CD | Hard Copy
Confessional Subscription & Doctrinal Statements CD | Hard Copy
Eschatology CD | Hard Copy
Pietismus Redivivus CD | Hard Copy
2000 Feminism CD | Hard Copy
Baptism & Una Sancta CD | Hard Copy
Bach the Theologian CD | Hard Copy
Wittenberg and / or Constantinople CD | Hard Copy
2001 Luther & Bible Translation CD | Hard Copy
Sin Sickness & Salvation Seelsorge CD | Hard Copy
Symposium on the Ministry CD | Hard Copy
Wittenberg & Rome CD
2002 A Symposium on Prayer & Fellowship CD | Hard Copy
Lutheran Education CD | Hard Copy Journal (pdf)
Vocation & Sanctification CD
Wittenberg & Geneva CD | Hard Copy
2003 After Ten Years . . . CD | Hard Copy
The Synodical Conference & Its Aftermath CD | Hard Copy
Syncretism, Synergism & Secularism CD Journal (pdf)
Wittenberg & Canterbury CD | Hard Copy Journal (pdf)
2004 After Postmodernism Hard Copy | PDF
Unionism, Syncretism & Ecumenism Hard Copy | PDF
Theological Education: Oratio, Meditatio, Tentatio Hard Copy | PDF
Articulus Stantis et Cadentis Ecclesiae Hard Copy | PDF
2005 American Lutheran Exegesis Hard Copy | PDF
Justification After JDDJ Hard Copy | PDF
Lutheran Hymnals in America PDF
Luther Studies Today Hard Copy | PDF
2006 Lutheranism in Asia Hard Copy | PDF
The Election Controversy and Its Aftermath Hard Copy Journal (pdf)
Civil Religion
Journal (pdf)
Wittenberg & Chicago
Journal (pdf)
2007 Ecclesiology
Journal (pdf)
Works of Mercy Hard Copy Journal (pdf)
Laity and Polity
Journal (pdf)
Luther's Two Catechisms Hard Copy Journal (pdf)
2008 Lutheranism in Africa Hard Copy Journal (pdf)
Evangelicalism Journal (pdf)
Löhe Bicentennial
Journal (pdf)
Wittenberg & Athens Hard Copy Journal (pdf)