Blogia Begins

Well, here it is. LOGIA's giant leap into the third kingdom, the kingdom of blog.

Since Reformation 1992 (when LOGIA was first published), LOGIA has had no lack of good confessional Lutheran theology to print. In fact, there hasn't been enough room in the journal to publish everything that was submitted. Good articles sat in the editors' desks waiting for another theme they could fall under. Needless to say, some are still waiting to be published. 

Next, there were articles the editors weren't sure about, for one reason or another, whether to print or not to print. These merited their own place in the editors' desks. Then, years passed by. The Internet expanded. Blogging was born. But alas, no one at LOGIA put two and two together until Michael Albrecht, Senior Editor, said, "Hey, how come we don't have a blog?"

Therefore, today is the advent of Blogia. You'll find two categories: Web Forum and Web Extras. Web Forum will consist of forum type pieces, the type you'll find in our journal, except on the web. Web Extras will consist of the articles mentioned above (good articles that didn't fit in the journal). Both categories are intended to promote good Lutheran theology and thoughtful discussion for you, the dedicated LOGIA reader and our guests. We hope Blogia becomes a great medium for you to interact with the authors, editors, and other readers without having to wait for a letter to the editor.

We invite your comments! We invite you to vote on other people's comments and, if necessary, to report abuse. You can also use the provided options to submit articles appearing here as links to other online blogs and social networks in order to invite more readers and comments. And if some comment is worthy enough, who knows, maybe it will make it into print. Or it may make it into another new pile of good intention. Either way, enjoy Blogia.