Hymn Summary: Eighth Sunday after Trinity


Trinity 8 – One Year series; Proper 25 (C) – Three Year series

This hymn has been ascribed to Sigmund Weingärtner (17th century), but that authorship is in doubt. Whoever penned this text wrote lines of great hope and comfort for Christians. When everything appears dark with troubles and woes, then the faithful Triune God is the only one who can be trusted. When all we see is our grief, then we look to Christ who bore our grief in all meekness through his life and death. By his death and resurrection believers in Christ will be raised, “[w]hen ends this life of sadness.” Thus, saints cry out, “Amen,” that is, “So be it!”


Proper 12 (B) – Three Year series

Paul Gerhardt (1607–76) certainly knew days of burdens. He suffered on account of his confession of faith (against Calvinist leaders) and from death in his family and congregation. It was written that he was, “A theologian sifted in Satan’s sieve;” he was not found wanting. He penned numerous hymns which grant comfort from God’s Word. All burdens and cares are best entrusted to the Triune God (The Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit). God’s wisdom and care alone can true comfort give. That comfort comes because believers in Christ possess the forgiveness salvation he won for man. While Christians look forward to being in endless jubilation we pray the Lord to strengthen limbs and bless our spirit.
For the first time in our hymnals this fantastic text has its own tune which was written by Stephen R. Johnson (b. 1966).

Rev. Thomas E. Lock serves as Kantor/Assistant Pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church, Denver, Colorado.