Hymn Summary: Easter 7

Christ is the World's Redeemer (LSB 538)

Easter 7 (1 yr and 3 yr)

Our hymn follows Ascension as the chief hymn for Exaudi.  Its close placement is appropriate as it folds the saints in triumph together with the saints militant. The tune encourages the weary to continue fighting the fight for Christ's sake. Its song invigorates a church worn thin to remain joined to Christ and the Heavenly host. It defines well that the redemption of the fallen world was no easy act, but indeed was a fight unto the death to win back his people from sin (vs.1), death (vs.1,2), and the devil (vs. 3).

Certainly it is a hymn to sing with a full throat as it calls to mind Jesus’ fight for us.  This our champion is the Baptismal armor we now wear, our health in this life, and our strength in death. (vs. 1)  It calls to us to see what is now unseen: the Church in glory.  Through song we see that He has brought His saints safe into His Kingdom through the sufferings of martyrdom.  These among whom we are blessed to be numbered with now encourage us as they "fire us for the fight." The martyrs made brave by the Holy Spirit with which we stand through faith have come in a long line throughout human history both before and after the death of Jesus.  Following and vindicating them through His death and resurrection, our Lord has secured His Church unto eternity "And suffering for the sinful, Our full redemption won" (vs.2).

The hymn concludes with a high Irish doxology.  Our hymn is a new addition to LSB yet its confession of faith is nearly 1500 years old. Any congregation that endeavors to learn it will be glad they did.

Rev. Adrian N. Sherrill serves Trinity Lutheran Church, Denver, Colorado.