Hymn Summary: Pentecost

Come, Holy Ghost, God and Lord (LSB 497)

Feast of Pentecost (1 yr and 3 yr)

Luther based the first stanza of his Pentecost hymn off of a prior translation of the Latin antiphon for the Vigil of Pentecost, Veni, Sancte Spiritus. Luther improved the German text and added two more stanzas. Each stanza is based on a description of the Holy Spirit: Stanza 1—To the God and Lord who gives faith and keeps united those in this faith; Stanza 2—To the Light guiding Christians ever again to Christ, the Light of the world via his Word; Stanza 3—To the Fire who comforts and energized his saints. The gracious work of God done through the Holy Spirit is needed so that those who do not know Christ would be brought to faith in him. This work also keeps his saints in the saving faith against all the perils of this world, That bravely here we may contend, through life and death to You, our Lord, ascend. Alleluia, alleluia! Of this hymn Luther stated, “The hymn, ‘Come, Holy Ghost, God and Lord,’ was composed by the Holy Ghost Himself, both words and music.”

Rev. Thomas E. Lock serves as Kantor/Assistant Pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church, Denver, Colorado.