Christology and Feminism

 A Reply to Leonard Klein

Commemoration Sermon for Robert Preus


Confirmation As a Sacramental Rite

Bible Passages & Principles

Eucharistic Themes in the Gospels


The Integrity of the Christological Character of the Office of the Ministry

Formula of Concord X

In Memoriam Robert Preus


The Law and the Gospel in Lutheran Theology

The Lutheran Confessions on the Holy Ministry With a Few Thoughts on Hoefling

A Second Look at Promise Keepers


A View from the Pew

The Advantages of Liturgical Ruts

Categorically Speaking


Communion Closed and Full

The Computer as Liturgical Meat Grinder

Ecumenical Council for Practical Christianity


Holy Baptism’s Diminishment

Is Nothing Sacred?

Missouri: Not Just a State


The Holiness Quest

Lutheran Hermeneutics

Lutheranism as Catholic and Evangelical


Missouri at the End of the Century

Missouri’s Identity Crisis

The Ordination of Women Pastors


Rast, Vehse, Walther

Review: Baptism: My Adoption into God’s Family

Review: Baptism: Three Views


Review: Church-Mission-Ministry: The Family of God

Review: Law, Life, and the Living God

Review: Ministry in the New Testament


Review: Problems and Options on the Atonement

Review: Problems with the Atonement

Review: Reformed Confessions


Review: The New Book of Concord

Review: Changing Churches

Semper Virgo: A Doctrine


The Distinctive Spirituality of the Evangelical Lutheran Church